Progress & Rank

Daria -

Rank Points are displayed under the Home button on the Arena screen, and show how many you have accumulated in the current weekly Tournament.

Progress Points are accumulated by participating in any Arena battle, win or loss.

The quantity of Progress Points garnered for an Arena battle is based on your Arena League.

Winning always provides the most Progress Points but losing also gains you some Progress, so battle hard and stay in the top Leagues for the best Progress Point gains!

Rank is your overall rating in Arena and is determined by how many Rank Points you have. Your Rank Points also determine your League throughout the Tournament. For example, those with 2-199 Rank Points will be in the Bronze League III, while those with 200-399 Rank Points will be in Bronze League II, and so on.

Rank Points are gained by winning Arena battles and lost by losing Arena battles.

Increasing your Rank leads to League promotion and better Tournament prizes, so build the most powerful Survivors possible and climb the League ladder!

REWARDS: Every Tournament offers you two types of rewards:

- Progress Prizes

These are the Prizes given out for reaching predetermined milestones in PvP Progress.

Progress Points are earned by completing any Arena battle. Victories (and a higher number of completion stars) provide increased Progress Points and Battle Rewards.

Progress Points that are awarded for both victory and defeat increase relative to your current League. So raise your Rank to increase your per-battle Progress Point gains.

- Rank Prizes

Rank Prizes are awarded at the end of tournaments, and depend on which League you are in at that time.

Raise your Rank and stay in higher level Leagues to earn better prizes.

Rank Prizes may change between Seasons.

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