Classes & Style System

Daria -

It's easy to stick with your favorite Survivor, but with a Class Advantage system in place you are challenged and encouraged to explore other Survivor Classes in the roster of available Survivors if you want to dominate your opponents.

Look out for extra tips during loading screens on different ways to use this counter system to your advantage.

In The Walking Dead: Outbreak, there are 5 distinct classes of Survivors and Walkers.

In addition to each classes' unique stat and gem modifier profiles, classes also gain a gem damage bonus against the next class in a clockwise rotation on the Advantage wheel.

An example: Specialist Survivors will do +25% damage to Assault Survivors, while Assault Survivors do +25% more damage to Hunter Survivors.

Class Guide: Specialist Class (Red), Hunter Class (Blue), Support Class (Yellow), Enforcer Class (Purple), and Assault Class (Green).

Make sure to review the Manage page for every Survivor to find additional information about their class.

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