Missing purchases / I did not get the item(s) I paid for

Daria -

We can help!

If you made a purchase and did not receive your items, follow these steps:

1. Collect purchase receipt. The Walking Dead: Outbreak Support Team cannot confirm your purchase without the receipt.

You can find your purchase receipt in your email attached to the account that the purchase was made with. Make sure to check your Spam and Junk folders if it does not appear in your Inbox.

2. Contact Support with your request. (This can be done by clicking the Help button in the Settings menu.) Please include the name of the item(s) you purchased and the approximate time the purchase(s) was made. This will assist the Support Team in finding your missing purchase.

Lastly, be patient!

The Walking Dead: Outbreak Support Team deals with high volumes of tickets. If your case is urgent, please feel free to let us know. We will do our best to accommodate your needs in a timely manner.

Thank you!

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