Leveling Up

Daria -

Getting a Survivor is only the first step in creating a powerful roster.

You need to level up your Survivors to maximize their damage and health capacities, ensuring that they're a force to be reckoned with.

You may level up your Survivors by going to the Team Menu and selecting the Survivor you want to level up.

At the bottom of the Manage screen for each Survivor, the left most button will normally display as Level, but it will have a red square with a white exclamation point in the top right of the button when you have gathered the necessary resources to level up that Survivor.

Tap on a Survivor that is able to Level Up and then on the Level button.

There will be a green Level Up button at the bottom of this new Manage screen.

Press it to pay the required amount of Coins and level up your Survivor!

Survivors who reach their highest level can still be boosted by equipping all available Gear slots at their maximum levels.

Survivors may only be leveled up to your Player Level, so play often to Level Up and increase your Survivors' levels.

What is Character XP?

Character XP is utilized to Level Up your Survivors.

There are many ways to collect Character XP—via Supply Caches, battle rewards, and even via Player Level Up.

Make sure your Survivor meets the requirements before you use Character XP to level it up!

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