Daria -

Each Survivor has 2 special Skills which you can use to eliminate your opponent.

How do I use Skills?

These abilities will be linked to a specific gem color and will charge as you find matching combinations of the corresponding colors.

Every available Skill during a battle is represented by a colored meter that fills up at the top of the gem board.

Tapping on the meter displays details on what this Skill does.

When the meter fills up, release a powerful ability on your opponent!

Skills consist of numerous effects, from just dealing damage, or adding multipliers, to finishing your opponent for good!

Look over these special Skills before every battle as they will be key to your victory.

How to Upgrade Skills?

When you choose a Skill, tapping the Upgrade button levels up that Skill if you have sufficient Skill Manuals and Coins.

How can I unlock more Skills?

Locked Skills become unlocked when your Survivor meets the required Star Rarity specified. Tap on a locked Skill to learn what you need. Continue Enhancing and Gearing up your Survivors to take full advantage of their most powerful Skills! Once you have unlocked all Survivors' Skills, experiment with different Survivor loadouts to crush your opponents in battle.

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