Star Rarity & Enhancing

Daria -

If you want to dominate in battles, you need to increase the Star Rarity of your Survivor.

How to increase the Star Rarity of my Survivors

Collect Survivor Shards of your favorite Survivors in order to Enhance them and increase their Star Rarity.

Shards can be found in Daily Rewards, Store Offers, Loot (The Storehouse or Stockpile), and as rewards for Campaign battles, Gauntlets, and Wars.

In the Team screen, select the Survivor you want to increase the Star Rarity for.

On the lower right, the number next to the Survivor icon tells you how many Shards are needed to Enhance your Survivor.

If you do not have sufficient Shards, the button will say Find and direct you to areas in the game that offer the Shards.

When you have sufficient Survivor Shards, the button changes to Enhance.

Why should I Enhance my Survivor?

Enhancing a Survivor increases both its Gem Damage and Health.

When you reach a 4 Star Rarity, Enhancing your Survivor will also unlock their second special Skill.

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