Daria -

NOTE: Gauntlets are unlocked at Level 11 and will not show if you are below that Level or if there are no active Gauntlets.

Gather a Team of your most powerful Survivors and send them out against your opponents in Gauntlets.

A few tips to keep in mind when picking your Team for Gauntlets: Survivors used in your Team cannot be used in other game modes until you have concluded the active Gauntlet run.

There is an autofill option that fills your Team with available and applicable Survivors from your Team Screen.

After using all of a Gauntlet's free plays, you may use Canteens or Gold to continue to replay.

Costs for access to an Gauntlet may vary. Players are removed from Gauntlets when their Survivors are all knocked out, the timer reaches 0, or they win.

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