Survivor Gear

Daria -

What is Survivor Gear?

Survivor Gear is one of many ways to increase your Survivor's stats.

You can preview what type of Gear your favorite Survivor needs in the Gear menu when you tap on a Survivor in the Team screen.

Acquiring Gear unlocks bonuses for your Survivors, and completing Gear Levels provides additional bonuses.

Go to the Gear screen to see what kind of boosts are available when you get certain Gear for a specific Survivor.

The more Gear you get, the more boosts you'll accumulate to make your Survivor stronger.

What are Gear Components?

Higher rarity pieces of Gear need to be crafted using Gear Components.

Gear Components can be earned as rewards by participating in Challenges and Arena. Components can also be found in the Store or be included as bonus items in caches.

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