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What are they and how do I join a Faction?

A Faction is a group of Players that work together towards mutual goals. The benefits of joining a Faction include Faction Chat, and the ability to participate in the War Game Mode and Faction Challenges.

You can create your own Faction or join an existing one.

If you haven't joined a Faction already, then you can do so by heading to the Faction screen, tapping a Faction, and then pressing the Join button at the very bottom.

You will not be able to join if the Faction you view is already at capacity.

Note: The Player capacity for every Faction is 35 members.

Creating a Faction

In case you already belong to a Faction, you need to quit it before being able to create a new one.

You should have the Credits required in order to create a Faction.

You will be prompted to setup your brand new Faction.

Select a name, an logo, a message of the day, and a headline message. You can make your Faction Open (where anyone can join), Request Only (Players must be accepted), or Closed (where no one can join).

You can finalize your new Faction by pressing the Create button.

Faction Ranks

Within a Faction, Players can hold Ranks.

Some Ranks allow Players the ability to edit Faction headlines or the ability to promote or demote other Faction members.

The ranks are as follows: Leader, Co-Leader, Veteran, Member, and Recruit. Leaders, Co-Leaders, and Veterans are able to add, remove and modify members, while Members and Recruits cannot.

It's up to you to build a structure for your Faction that suits your Walker-fighting and/or PvP needs.

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