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Daria -

What do all these icons on the screen mean?

The upper left corner:

Next to the icon of the player, the name and level are shown, as well as ranking points. Earn ranking points to win tournaments! To view a list of your friends and available tournaments, just tap the player’s icon.

Tap the player icon to see the list of top players.

Below the player's name, you’ll find the Events and Missions menu icon in the form of a target.

Chats are coming soon!

Bottom left corner:

Above the Store icon, there is the Inventory icon. By tapping it, you’ll be able to view a list of your heroes and their stats, as well as other items that you’ve earned while completing tasks and making calls.

On the right of the Store icon, there is an icon showing three stripes which will give you access to the News, Missions, Achievements, Gifts and Settings menus.

Bottom right corner:

Besides going to the Map, you can open Lab (the icon above the Map) and the icon depicting airplane will open a Clan Menu in the future (clan functionality is currently not available in the game).

Upper right corner:

Here is a list of the resources available on your base. By tapping on each of them, a tooltip with parameters will open.

Icon showing a Builder will allow you to be aware of what he’s busy with right now! Just tap it if you can’t find your builder on the base – you’ll see how much time he needs to finish the job, and by tapping the timer, – which building is being constructed.

Below there is an icon which opens the list of Contracts that are available, completed or in progress.

Tap on the Gift Box if you see it - we've prepared a special offer for you!

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