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What do all these icons mean?

Upper left corner:

Next to your player icon is your level, name, and Ranking Points (those who earn the most Ranking Points will win Tournaments). Tapping your player icon brings up a list of Top Players (Globally and Regionally) and tabs for available Tournaments, and your Friends that also play Breaking Bad.

Below your icon is one that looks like a smartphone. This contains your Activities and Defense Log. Activities include: Primary Tasks, Lab & Contracts, Story Campaign, Enemy Chempounds, and Car Wash. Your Defense Log shows a record of who has attacked your Chempound.

Underneath the Activities and Defense Log icon is the one used to view and participate in Chat.

Bottom left corner:

Above the Store icon is your Specialists and Inventory icon. Tapping it will show you the list of your Specialists and their stats, as well as all of the items you’ve earned from completing tasks and making Calls.

To the right of the Store icon is one that shows three stripes. Tapping that gives you access to the News, Upgrade, Gifts and Settings menus.

Bottom right corner:

Here you’ll find the City Map and Lab icons, as well as one that depicts an airplane. Tapping that will open the Clan menu in the future (Clans coming soon).

Upper right corner:

Along the top you’ll see a list of the resources available on your Base. Tapping each one will open a window that shows you your current supply and maximum capacity.

The very top right shows your Builder icon. It displays how many Builders you have total, and how many are available to build new buildings or update current ones. Tapping the Builder icon will tell you how much time remains in their current job, and tapping that time remaining will snap your view to the building that is being worked on.

Below your Builder icon is one for Contracts. This is where you can choose new Contracts, view ones in progress, and accept rewards for finished ones.

Below that is an icon for the Training, Daily, and Achievement Missions.

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