Specialists and their Abilities

Daria -

Open the inventory by tapping on the storage icon (bottom left corner of the home base screen), so that you always know what Specialists you can count on.

By tapping on the Specialist’s icon, you open the information window with Specialist’s stats. Increase your Specialist’s level and rank to improve their stats!

Every Specialist is unique and good at something. Someone is good for attack, someone for defense, and some of them are better to stay in the Lab in order to optimize your production processes.

If you already have a Specialist in your Inventory, you won't be able to receive another one with the same name. In case it happens, your Specialist will receive the highest level and rank of the two and the weaker Specialist will be replaced by consumables.

Upgrade your Specialists' abilities to get the maximum benefit from their help.

Talents for your Specialists are coming soon!

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