What should I know about Cartels?

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To join a Cartel, your Finca must be level 5 or higher and the Cartel Port must be restored. Then you can join a Cartel or create your own.

Cartel Members:

A Cartel can have up to 50 members.

All members have access to Cartel chat, can donate raw materials to the Cartel bank, speed up building construction or speed up Research at Capos Club and attack opponents. Cartel members can also assign Sicarios to protect the Compound.

The Capo of your Cartel establishes conditions for admission to the Cartel, manages the Cartel account (and the team members), builds and extends objects at the Compound, assigns and removes Sicarios protecting the Cartel Compound, declares Wars and starts Research in the Capos Club. Right Hands are his closest allies and can do the same. A Cartel can only have one Capos Club.

Lieutenants have less power, but still can manage the Cartel account and the team members (with the exception of other lieutenants), build and expand objects at the Compound, start research at the Capos Club, and assign a Sicario to protect the Compound. A Cartel can have up to 5 Lieutenants.

Falcons can assign 1 Sicario to protect the Cartel base. A Cartel can have up to 10 Falcons.

Recruits have the usual rights of all Cartel members.


The Compound is the area where the Cartel headquarters is located. It is necessary to build a Compound to begin a War.

The following buildings are located on Cartel Compounds:
- The Cartel Finca: This determines the energy points of the Cartel and allows the construction of new buildings. If the Cartel Finca is destroyed, the Compound as a whole is destroyed.
- Weapons: These are used to defend the Compound.
- The Ammo Factory: This produces a certain amount of ammunition every 4 hours and is required to build and upgrade buildings on the Compound. Upgrade the Factory to increase its efficiency.
- The Capos Club: Here you can conduct Research to unlock upgrades and benefits for all Cartel members. Upgrade the Capos Club to gain access to top Research.
- Storages: These keep resources needed to upgrade buildings on the Compound.
- Cartel Bank: All Cartel members can donate resources to help develop the Compound. Those who donate regularly will be rewarded. (When a member leaves a Cartel, they take all of their unused resources that have been donated.)

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