Battle Abilities

Daria -

In addition to the Troops and Mercenaries, the player can use special abilities in battles.
To activate battle abilities, in most cases you need to seize and restore the corresponding buildings on the Global map. (See "Key Objects.")
You can upgrade battle abilities in the Academy.
Battle abilities include:
The Rocket causes pinpoint damage in a selected area on the enemy base. The rocket is available by default.
Select a unit and then point where you want it to move, or point at the building you want it to attack. Order is available by default.
Restores health points of all allied troops within its range. To use the Medpack, seize and restore the Hospital.
Freezes every enemy building in the selected area preventing them from attacking for several seconds. To use the Cryobomb, seize and restore the Laboratory.
Air drops several guerrillas that attack enemies but don't obey orders. To use the Paratroopers, seize and restore the Paratrooper Base.
Propaganda Leaflets
Use this on your troops to temporarily increase their damage and their movement speed. To use the Propaganda Leaflets, seize and restore the Print Shop.
Covers the selected area with a hail of napalm bombs, leaving behind scorched land. To use Napalm, seize and restore the Airport.
Temporarily disguises your units and blocks enemies from firing their cannons. Alas, your soldiers are not as effective in those conditions. To use the Smokescreen, seize and restore the Armory.
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