Alliance Wars

Daria -

Only Alliances with Carriers can take part in wars. It brings uranium and microchips.
Uranium is required to build and upgrade objects on the Carrier.
Microchips are required to conduct researches in the Lab.
War stages
Every war lasts two days:
First day – Scouting. Alliances explore each other's bases and develop strategy.
Second day – Main force attack. Players can attack Carriers and other players, but have only four attempts.
The Alliance which has gained more points than the other wins the War. Points are achieved:
- for damage caused to the hostile Carrier
- for victories of the Alliance members over hostile Alliance members (herewith each player can't be beaten more than 3 times)   
Only Alliances with status “Searching opponents” take part in matchmaking.
Matchmaking conditions:
- number of Alliance members
- their rating
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