Main Buildings

Daria -

Main Headquarters
To win a battle you’ll have to destroy the enemy’s Main Headquarters.
Destroying every building on the Base damages Main Headquarters.
Main Headquarters determine:
● number of buildings available for placing on the Base
● maximum level of upgrading of each building on the Base
● type of available forces
● possibility to remove hindrances
● maximum amount of Mercenaries able to defend the Base
Builder’s cabin
In the Builder’s cabin there are builders who construct buidings. Depending on the Cabin’s level, the player can have from 1 to 5 Builders.
Buildings producing resources
Cottage produces Gold, Sawmill – Wood, Iron Mine – Iron, Oil Rig – Oil.
Upgrade buildings to increase their productivity.
Mercenaries Headquarters
Mercenaries Headquarters allows you to upgrade Mercinaries and increase their maximal level.
Academy is used to upgrade forces and their combat skills.
Each Lodgement accomodates one squad with a Mercenary. Lodgement upgrading allows to place more forces.
Radio cabin increases the amount of energy available during battle.
Warehouse and Safe
Warehouses are used to keep the resources. Uprgade warehouses to increase their capacity.  
The Safe will hold a certain number of resources if your Base is attacked, and protects part of your resources on the Base from enemy attacks.
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