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You can find a whole Mercenary, or their part, in a chest. If you find a Mercenary part you already have, the part serves to level up the Mercenary. Players can receive a whole Mercenary if they don't have one of the same kind yet.
You can get the chests for winning battles, completing missions or purchase them in the Shop.
What do you need Mercenaries for?
  • For attacking enemies’ Bases
  • For defending your base
  • For defending Mines
Each Mercenary has their own characteristics of attack and defence, as well as one individual feature.
Mercenary’s Exerience is necessary to level them up. The higher the Mercenary’s level is, the higher are the characteristics.
Use Medals to level up your Mercenaries. You can find Medals in chests or as a Tournament reward.
The higher your Mercenary rank (marked with stars) and the better their special ability are, the more damage they cause, and the greater the limit of their health is. When you find duplicate mercenary cards in Chests, you rank up that Mercenary. When you find a Mercenary part in a chest, you'll rank up that Mercenary.
The Mercenary card shows how many parts you need to assemble a whole Mercenary or increase their rank.
The Mercenary can be usual, unusual, rare and epic (it depends on his rarity’s degree and is marked with background’s color and a badge on Mercenary’s card). The higher Mercenary’s Rarity is, the better are his battle skills and the better you can make them. Also the higher the Rank is, the lower is the possibility to find this Mercenary in a Chest with random reward.
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