Basic Resources

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Experience is gained to open new levels.
You can gain Experience by constructing and upgrading buildings, forces and skills in the Academy.
What is Gold used for?
● Hiring forces
● Upgrading soldiers and skills in the Academy
● Attacking enemies’ bases
● Exploring new areas of the map
● Removing hindrances
How to get Gold?
● Build or upgrade Cottage
● Seize resources from enemies’ bases on global map
● Buy for banknotes
Amount of Builders determines, how much buildings can be constucted simultaneously. Additional Builders can be bought in the Shop or got after upgrading the Builder’s Cabin. Maximum amount of Builders – 5.
Wood, iron, oil
Wood, iron and oil are needed for building and upgrading the buildings on the base.
How to get them?
● Build resource buildings on the base
● Seize mines on the global map
● Seize resources from enemies’ bases on the global map
● Buy for banknotes
What are the Bills for?
● For quickening the game processes
● For buying Gold, Wood, Iron and Oil
● For momentary construction of buildings
● For byuing Chests with Mercenaries and Medals
How to get Bills?
● Buy in the Shop
● Complete tasks and earn achievements
● Invite your Facebook friends to the game
● Complete daily game tasks
● Win the Tournaments
● Eliminate Mercenaries that attack your Base and collect Bills from monuments they leave
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