I can't make a purchase in the game. Why?

Daria -

If you made in-app purchases before and have gone through all the necessary steps in the store, the causes to this may be the following:

1. Internet connection. It should be stable enough to make purchases. We recommend using Wi-Fi or at least 3G/4G.

2. Temporary store problems. All in-app purchases are processed by the store you downloaded the game from. It might be that the store is overloaded at the moment and can't process your purchase. Please, try making it one more time later.

3. A problem could occur in the integrated store application and usually it helps if you restart your device.

If you haven't made any purchases in Narcos: Cartel Wars or other applications, the causes to this may be the following:

1. Wrong payment details. Just check or enter them one more time!

2. It is possible that the payment method you would like to use is not supported by the store. In order to find out what payment methods are available for you, please, consult correspondent information provided by Google or Apple.

If none of this helped and you still can't make a purchase, please, contact our Support Team and we will help you out! Don't forget to give a detailed description of what happened and provide your user ID if you're contacting us by email.

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