My Narcos: Cartel Wars game won't load! What do I do?

Daria -

We're sorry to hear that your game will not load! It's a bit complicated to troubleshoot an issue with a player who cannot access the game at all, but here is what we can do! Follow the steps below, and we will help as best we can!


1. Reinstall the game (you will need an internet connection)

2. Check your Google+ and Facebook authorization (you have to use the same information you used the first time)

3. Delete the game

4. Install the game once again via Google Play.

If the problem persists, please do the following:

1. Download ES File Explorer

2. Tap on Internal Storage > Android > data > com.ftxgames.narcos > files Hold down the Logs folder and click More. Tap on Zip and then OK

3. Hold down the zipped folder and then tap on More

4. Tap on Share and email the zipped folder to

iOS below 8.0 version

Check your connection settings: if there is no connection, please connect to a high-speed internet channel. Make sure you're authorized under the same Facebook and Game Center accounts as when you first started the game, and then delete the game and reinstall it via App Store.

If this does not solve the problem, do the following:

1. Download ifunbox via the official website

2. Connect your device to your computer.

3. Open ifunbox > File browser > App Store folder > Narcos > Documents > Logs

4. Copy every file from the device's folder, zip them, and send to

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