What are Leagues and rules to compete in weekly tournaments?

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Tournaments are weekly competitions you can participate once you reach level 5.

The more active player you are, the more medals you gain during the week - it allows you to go up the Leagues and receive valuable rewards and bonuses. Together with gold which you can receive only once when entering a new League, our players get bonuses that will be effective during the next week and make your attack rewards and daily chests way better! Every Monday players who had 1-5 positions will find themselves in the next league and those who had 16-25 positions will be dropped down.

In order to always stay tuned about your tournament rewards, you may go to the league menu and tap on the Next league rewards.


The tournament participants are divided into divisions comprising 25 persons each.


Depending on the number of medals you have, you can compete other players within the following leagues:

• Wood

• Bronze

• Silver

• Gold

• Diamond

• Champion

In different divisions players may have different number of medals. The only thing that matters when calculating your result is the tournament table you see on your account. You need to be among the top 5 players competing within your League to go up and receive more rewards or better bonuses. Good luck!

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