What happens during a cartel war?

Daria -

Only cartels with a Compound can participate in wars. Participating in wars, players can get valuable rewards, such as ammo and influence necessary for the cartel development

Ammo is needed to build and upgrade buildings on the Compound.

Influence is needed to conduct research at the Capos Club.

War Phases

Each war lasts two days:

• Day one. Conduct exploration work and assault NPC bases in order to receive enough materials to craft Strike Orders to conduct more attacks during Day 2. Don´t worry if you don't receive enough materials, you can always purchase more attacks for you and your cartel members using gold.

• Day two. That's when the real war begins. During this day you and your cartel members must attack your opponent cartel members' bases.

Also, you can spend your attacks to help destroy the enemy cartel Compound. It doesn't matter when you attacked the enemy Compound, your cartel members will receive more rewards for its destruction depending on the percent of damage they altogether inflicted.

Be wise to choose your opponents, as the maximum number of points can be received when you raid someone's base for the first time! The maximum number of times your base can be raided during war is 3.

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